Wednesday, August 15, 2012

# 41

Today went out audit again~ but only with Z.. It's great cause at least we talk more now not that awkward anymore :D the company located at near PSDC. Lunch time we went to a cafe nearby and had char siew rice + white coffee. Wait kinda long cause the rice is not cooked. Hungry till shaky >< Bu zhi bu jue is time to go back home. Then I realised his car is full of Stitch! haha xD so I guess he likes them.

Dilemma! To tell the truth or to tell lie?? Haihzz -.- hopefully the result is good la.. pray hard! I need some strength and courage tomorrow~


Sunday, August 12, 2012

# 40

Dear x,

I really wish I can give you up right now! I hate you! You don't worth my tears!!!

# 39

First day of work on the 7th. Nothing much to do actually. Just simple task like arranging the file and learn simple ubs only. Then the following days of the week I went out to Kulim and Batu Maung. Tired not because of work but because of the jam >< Colleague there is so so. All kinda young around my age. Hmm.. Can't really blend with them. Either I'm new or they don't like me? Whatever. Don't really care. What I care is just to learn and to get my salary. I need my salary to pay for my exam as well as to earn a living for my family. Sis has been working so hard all these years and now it's time for me to help to reduce sis and parent's burden after so many years of studies. I counted.. what I earn for the first month is not enough to even pay my parents.. so pathetic! sigh!! and one more thing.. my calculator went missing on the second day of work! really miserable.. hopefully someone mistook it and return to me asap le..